Subject: For Sale: 4 X FRAME 5 MS5001/ Liquid Fuel 50HZ 100MW Total FOR SALE

Date: 4/3/2024 11:21:29 AM

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Dear all,




  • 4) Power trains, Gas turbine type MS 5001, model PG5341P, black start capable, diesel fuel only. Complete power train, packed in acoustical enclosure.
  • Generator 32 MVA, 10,5KV, 08PF / 50Hz.
  • Control system Mark II.
  • Fuel pump block with fuel oil filters.
  • Generator braker.
  • Air intake system without filter house
  • Unit commissioned Nov. 1982.
  • Unit tested before decommissioning 31.12.2023.
  • Existing electrical and mechanical spare parts included.
  • Data from 31.12.2023, Unit 1 EoH 6288.17, Unit 2 6243.12, Unit 3 6083.73, Unit 4 5899.66 this total EoH’s. accumulated.
  • Data from 31.12.2023, Unit 1 Starts 1033, Unit 2 1008, Unit 3 1015, Unit 4 1007 total starts.
  • Equipment without guarantee. All 4 machines were operated again in December 2023 and can be put back into operation immediately after relocation and professional commissioning.
  • Price per unit 1,45mio € each  Complete equipment delivered to Rotterdam Int. Harbor. 
  • Main transformers can be purchased for additional payments.


Please advsie your interest


Best regards

Woonha Jee

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