For Sale: Bitumen Vessel - Bitumen Carrier LDT 2438 2458

Subject: For Sale: Bitumen Vessel - Bitumen Carrier LDT 2438 2458

Date: 2/17/2023 7:52:02 AM

Details: Reviews 4

All Port dues, Agency charges or any additional charges are already paid by Owners of Ocean Princess 1 till 10th of MAY 2022. The final payments all dues will be paid before the delivery to the buyer. 

More information can be provide on reques!

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7/20/2023 9:13:39 PM India

We are one of the leading Asphalt Bitumen trader from India looking for a ship 

7/2/2023 7:57:40 PM Malaysia

I need it

Moh Jordi
2/25/2023 10:09:12 AM Indonesia

Please price the Vesset

For Sale: Bitumen Vessel - Bitumen Carrier LDT 2438 2458


2/19/2023 7:19:54 PM Bangladesh

Hello I am Shahriar Nazim from Bangladesh. I am the owner of Lalbag Ship Breakers ltd. I want to purchase the ship. Can you please send me more details? You are always welcome to contact me. Thank You.


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What is Bitumen Vessel ?

A bitumen vessel, also known as an asphalt carrier, is a type of ship designed to transport bitumen, asphalt, and other heavy petroleum products. These vessels are specially designed to handle the high temperatures and the high viscosity of bitumen, which can make it challenging to pump and transport.

Bitumen vessels typically have heated cargo tanks and pumps that are specifically designed to handle the high viscosity of the product. They may also have insulation to help maintain the temperature of the cargo and prevent it from solidifying during transport. Some bitumen vessels also have a heating system that uses steam to keep the cargo in a liquid state.

Because of the unique properties of bitumen, transporting it requires specialized equipment and handling procedures. Bitumen vessels are designed to meet these requirements and provide a safe and efficient means of transporting bitumen and other heavy petroleum products around the world.

What is the Ship Light Weight (LDT) ?

The Ship Light Weight (LDT) is the weight of a ship without any cargo, fuel, or supplies on board. It is the weight of the empty ship, including its machinery, equipment, and other operational items. The LDT is an important factor in determining the load capacity of a ship, as well as its stability, draft, and other operational parameters.

The LDT is often used as a reference weight for calculating the cargo capacity of a ship. The difference between the maximum load a ship can carry and the LDT is known as the deadweight tonnage (DWT). The DWT is an important factor in determining the economic value of a ship, as it represents the maximum amount of cargo that can be carried by the vessel.

The LDT is usually measured and recorded during a process called "lightweight survey," which involves weighing the ship using specialized equipment. The LDT is also an important factor in determining the disposal value of a ship at the end of its operational life, as the scrap value of a ship is often calculated based on its LDT.


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