Subject: For Sale: GE Frame 5 Gas Turbine Spare Parts

Date: 4/15/2023 7:55:31 PM

Details: Reviews 2

We are able to supply GE Frame 5 Gas Turbine Spare Parts


Please contact us for more Information


Oyelami Opeyemi

ZELAN International Limited

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Herminio Peixoto Grossi
7/14/2023 8:44:45 PM Brazil

Dear Sirs,

we are looking for the following parts:

ITEM                    DESCRIPTION                                PART NUMBER               QTY


1                        2ND STAGE BLADES  SET              314B7159G013                2 SETs

                          MUST BE INCLUDED:

                          PIN-SEAL 314B7159G013

                          TWIST LOCK 314B7159G013


2                         TRANSITION PC Arr-Comb 1 set        943E0237G003              10 PC


3                         BOLT FOR ROTOR ASSY(24ea)         184A8814G001              1 SET

Octavio Manzano
6/1/2023 3:24:15 AM United States

Send me what you have, condition and price


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What is GE Frame 5 Gas Turbine ?

The GE Frame 5 gas turbine is a family of industrial gas turbines designed and manufactured by General Electric (GE). These turbines have been widely used in various applications, including power generation, cogeneration, and mechanical drive systems for industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and other energy-intensive sectors.

Key features of the GE Frame 5 gas turbine include:

  1. Axial-flow design: The Frame 5 gas turbine uses an axial-flow design, which consists of a series of rotating compressor and turbine blades arranged along the central axis of the turbine. This design allows for high efficiency and optimal performance across a wide range of operating conditions.

  2. Single-shaft or two-shaft configurations: Depending on the application, the Frame 5 gas turbine can be configured as either a single-shaft or two-shaft turbine. Single-shaft turbines are typically used for power generation, while two-shaft turbines are more suitable for mechanical drive applications.

  3. Combustion system: The Frame 5 gas turbine features a combustion system designed to provide efficient and clean combustion, minimizing emissions and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

  4. Modular design: The Frame 5 gas turbine is designed with a modular approach, making it easier to maintain and service the turbine. This design also allows for easier upgrades and retrofits to improve performance and efficiency over time.

  5. High reliability and availability: The GE Frame 5 gas turbine is known for its high reliability and availability, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted operation in various industrial applications.

Overall, the GE Frame 5 gas turbine is a versatile and reliable power source used across many industries for power generation, cogeneration, and mechanical drive applications. Its efficient design, high reliability, and adaptability make it a popular choice for energy-intensive industries.


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