Subject: For sale: HFO DOOSAN 9L21/31 50HZ CHINA

Date: 1/11/2023 6:17:20 AM

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Currently we have four gensets in stock  

Detail technical datas as following:

Diesel Engine Model: MAN 9L21/31

Number of Cylinder: 9

Cylinder bore: 210mm

Stroke 310mm

Rated speed 1000rpm

Engine Rated Output 1980kw

Electrical Output/unit 1881kw

Generator Model HYOSEUNG SS1881

Frequency 50hz

Rated voltage 6.6kv

Power factor(Lagging) 0.8  

Manufacturer DOOSAN– MAN Authorized/ Korea

Mfg.Year 2013

Dimension 806232891750mm

Dry Mass 36500kg

More service options

1.Installation service  

2.BOP supply service  

3.EPC service

4.O&M service  

5.Project financing service  

The services above all provided by BFMP worldwide

Further detail just inquiry  


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