Subject: FOR SALE HFO Wartsila 18V32LN Gensets 6 pcs and Caterpillar 3616 gensets 3 pcs

Date: 4/16/2021 8:02:22 AM

Details: Reviews 4

We have in stock 6 pcs Wartsila 18V32LN Complete Gensets are available

Each engine is 750 rpm 6400 kw 8000 KVA 50 Hz 11000 Volt  (2003)

and 3 pcs caterpillar 3616 genset  

Each engine is 750 rpm 4320 kw 5400 KVA 50 Hz 11000 Volt

If anybody interested please don t hesitate to contact with us.

Best Regards

Jerry chang


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3/8/2023 7:51:43 PM India

18v32LN parts available .

Plz contact or what's app me on 00917567193429.




F Hasan
1/23/2023 9:07:56 PM Yemen

Please email me details on the 18V32LN and the CAT 3616

Young Soo Kim
9/2/2022 8:27:40 AM Korea, (South) Rep. of

Dear Sir,

For WARTSILA, are they still available?

Please send details on these units. Have they been preserved and stored inside? Can they be inspected? We need to purchase 5 of them. 

Are HFO run and auxiliaries included? 

What is included? What model years were they manufactured? 

What is the best price for one? What is included? 

Yours sincerely,

YS Kim

umer alwan
5/11/2021 8:01:05 AM United Arab Emirates

how much the price for these generators 


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