Subject: For Sale: High Speed 2.7MW MAN MAN 12VP18TCM Marine Engines

Date: 3/25/2024 12:02:41 PM

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Dear All,


We are looking for;


• Four brand new surplus new high speed marine engines.

• Manufactured in 2016.

 Engine  MAN 12VP18TCM

• Manufactured by MAN energy solutions,

• European standard we have BV certificate


Idling Speed (Basic Engine) 600 rev/min

Directional Rotation Anti-clockwiselooking on flywheel

Minimum Fuel Specification IS082 17 OMX and BS2869 class A2.minimum cetane number of 45,

ASTM 0975 number 1D or 20.

lube Oil Capacity 287 l res (maximum) Nominal Oil Pressure 5.2 Bar

Coolant Capac ty Pr mary 200litres Coolant Capacity Secondary 120 litres

9.1.1 Eng ne Performance Data


Engine Power 2,720KWb

Engine speed (r/min) 1937

BMEP MCR (bar) 26.66

Piston Speed (m s) 12.65

Energy to Radiation (l<W) 45


Exhaust Gas Temperature (TIC out) ('C) 420 

FuelLift Pump (m3/h) 28

Fuel Pump Suction Lift (m) 20


Fuel Consumption


@100% of power,2720 kWb @ 1937 rpm

@ 50% of power, 1360kWb @ 1537 rpm


220 g/kWb-hr (-0+5%)

204 glkWb-hr ( 0+5%)


Lub Oil Consumption Less than 1.5 Kg hr

Aspiration air Consumption(m sec) 4.8 for each engine

Sea water flow (m'lhr) 165

Performance Data based on 45'C/32 C Fuel to BS2869 class A2 having CV of 42,800 kJ/kg


Price is USD540,000 each ex factory 

Please advise your interest


Best regards

Woonha Jee



101-802 , Bundangro 190 

Seongnam city, Kyonggido

13581, Korea 

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