Subject: For Sale: Jenbacher J320 GAS Engine NEW Crankshaft

Date: 3/27/2024 4:47:44 PM

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We are able to supply new Crankshafts for Jenbacher J320 Gas Engines

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What is Jenbacher Engine ?

Jenbacher engines refer to a series of gas engines manufactured by INNIO, formerly known as GE Distributed Power. These engines are widely used for power generation in various applications, including industrial, commercial, and decentralized energy systems. Here are key points about Jenbacher engines:

  1. Manufacturer: Jenbacher engines are manufactured by INNIO, a company specializing in gas engines, power generation, and related services. INNIO was previously part of GE Distributed Power and was known as GE Jenbacher before becoming INNIO.

  2. Technology: Jenbacher engines are based on internal combustion technology, specifically designed to operate on natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, or other special gases. They are known for their high efficiency, reliability, and flexibility in terms of fuel options.

  3. Applications:

    • Power Generation: Jenbacher engines are primarily used for electricity generation in combined heat and power (CHP) plants, cogeneration systems, and distributed energy applications. They can also be used for standby or backup power generation in critical facilities.
    • Industrial Processes: Jenbacher engines can provide power and heat for industrial processes such as manufacturing, refining, food processing, and chemical production.
    • Renewable Energy: Jenbacher engines are often used in renewable energy projects that utilize biogas or landfill gas from waste treatment facilities, agricultural operations, or renewable energy plants.
  4. Features:

    • High Efficiency: Jenbacher engines are designed for high electrical efficiency, making them suitable for applications where maximizing energy output and reducing emissions are priorities.
    • Modular Design: The engines are available in various sizes and configurations, allowing for scalability and customization based on power requirements and site conditions.
    • Advanced Controls: Jenbacher engines are equipped with advanced control systems for monitoring performance, optimizing fuel consumption, and ensuring operational reliability.
  5. Environmental Impact: Jenbacher engines contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact by utilizing cleaner-burning fuels such as natural gas or renewable biogas. They support sustainable energy solutions and help industries meet emissions reduction targets.

Overall, Jenbacher engines play a significant role in distributed power generation, cogeneration, and renewable energy projects, offering efficient and reliable solutions for electricity and heat generation across a range of industrial, commercial, and environmental applications.

What is Jenbacher J320 Engine ?

The Jenbacher J320 engine is a specific model within the Jenbacher gas engine series manufactured by INNIO. Here are key details about the Jenbacher J320 engine:

  1. Manufacturer: The Jenbacher J320 engine is manufactured by INNIO, formerly known as GE Distributed Power. INNIO specializes in the production of gas engines for various applications, including power generation and cogeneration systems.

  2. Engine Type: The Jenbacher J320 is a gas engine designed for the combustion of natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, or other special gases. It operates on the principle of internal combustion to generate mechanical power, which is then converted into electricity or used for other purposes.

  3. Power Output: The J320 model typically falls within the medium to high power output range for Jenbacher engines. Specific power output can vary based on factors such as fuel type, engine configuration, and operating conditions.

  4. Efficiency and Performance: Jenbacher engines, including the J320 model, are known for their high efficiency and performance in power generation applications. They are designed to achieve optimal electrical efficiency, making them suitable for combined heat and power (CHP) or cogeneration systems where maximizing energy output is important.

  5. Applications: The Jenbacher J320 engine is commonly used in a variety of applications, including:

    • Power generation in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, hospitals, data centers, and remote locations.
    • Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) systems where the engine's waste heat is utilized for heating or cooling purposes, increasing overall energy efficiency.
    • Renewable energy projects that utilize biogas, landfill gas, or other renewable gases as fuel sources.
  6. Features:

    • Modular Design: The J320 engine is designed with a modular approach, allowing for flexibility in installation and maintenance.
    • Advanced Controls: It is equipped with advanced control systems for monitoring engine performance, optimizing fuel consumption, and ensuring operational reliability.
    • Environmental Benefits: The use of cleaner-burning fuels such as natural gas or biogas in the J320 engine contributes to reducing emissions and environmental impact compared to traditional fossil fuel combustion engines.

Overall, the Jenbacher J320 engine represents a reliable and efficient solution for power generation and cogeneration applications, especially in industries and facilities where energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are key priorities.


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