Subject: For Sale: MAK 8M25 STD Size Crankshaft

Date: 2/1/2023 1:59:01 AM

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We are able to supply 2 pcs MAK 8M25 Crankshaft with STD size measurments.

If someone interested please dont hesitate to contact with us.


Best Regards

Burak Aldemir


Mobile: +90 532 698 66 21

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What is MAK 8M25 Crankshaft ?

A MAK 8M25 Crankshaft is a rotating shaft in an internal combustion engine that converts linear motion from the pistons into rotary motion that can be transmitted to the wheels of a vehicle or to the propulsion system of a ship. It is a central component in the engine's power-transmitting assembly, connecting the pistons to the driveshaft. The crankshaft is typically made of high-strength steel and must be able to withstand the high loads and stresses imposed on it by the combustion process. The A MAK 8M25 Crankshaft is supported by main bearings and its position and balance must be carefully maintained to ensure smooth operation and minimize vibrations. The design of the A MAK 8M25 Crankshaft can have a significant impact on the engine's performance, efficiency, and reliability, making it an important component in the overall engine design.

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