For Sale MAK M43C - M32C - M32 - M20 - M551AK - M453AK Spare Parts

Subject: For Sale MAK M43C - M32C - M32 - M20 - M551AK - M453AK Spare Parts

Date: 05.06.2014 15:44:01

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Dear Sir or Madam

We have in Stock following MAK Used in Good Condition Spare Parts are available

  • MAK M43C Cylinder Head with valves and springs
  • MAK M32C Cylinder Head Complete
  • MAK M32 Cylinder Head Complete
  • MAK M32 Piston, Liner, Conrod, Fuel Pump
  • MAK 9M32 Cylinder Block + STD Size Crankshaft
  • MAK 6M20 Complete Engines
  • MAK 6M20 STD Size Crankshaft, Cylinder Block
  • MAK M20 Cylinder Head, Piston, Liner, Conrod, Fuel Pump, Turbocharger
  • MAK 6M551AK STD Size Crankshaft
  • MAK 551AK Cylinder Head, Split Type of Piston, Connecting Rod
  • MAK 9M453AK Crankshaft
  • MAK 8M453AK Complete Engine
  • MAK 8M453AK Crankshaft
  • MAK 6M453AK Crankshaft
  • MAK 453AK Complete Cylinder Head, Liner, Pistons

We have also other brand of spare parts and complete engines are available. For more information please don t hesitate to contact with us.


Best Regards

Burak Aldemir


Mobile: 0090 532 698 66 21

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4/24/2024 10:57:05 AM Malaysia

Hello! i am from PGO ENGINEERING LABUAN, MALAYSIA. I am interested in your product. how can i buy this product and what the total cost, including shipping charges ?

15.3.2017 12:41:50 India

Der sir Mak 43 complete head require if you have in stok than planzr give me photo an price of head complete Reg Rajkumar Prajapati

arif bayraktar
09.01.2016 10:04:04 Turkey

we need Mak 6 m 32c cylinder cover 2 pieces

22.02.2015 16:18:56 italy

pleae to quote the cylinder head for mak engine type M32 AND MC32 regards antnio fabbri coemi srl


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