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Date: 3/27/2024 11:05:05 AM

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Dear S&P friends!

Direct with close owners, we can develop for sale the below:


IMO No. 9198771 - FLAG PANAMA


Blt 2000 in KOREA, SOUTH at Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd - Geoje

DWT 74,999 mts on 14,52 m DRFT

Class RINA - SS/DD Mar 2025

Main engine:     10,173 Kw - Hanjung- Sulzer 5RTA58T-B

BWTS fitted 

Price can guide


All details in our hands with good faith but WOG.

S&P Dept

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What is M/T "LEONID" - (ex WEMBLEY) - 74999 ; 2000 BUILT IMO No. 9198771 ?

The information provided describes the M/T "LEONID" (formerly known as "WEMBLEY"), which is a tanker vessel. Here are the key details based on the information you provided:

  • Vessel Name: M/T "LEONID" (ex WEMBLEY)
  • IMO Number: 9198771
  • Flag: Panama
  • Class: RINA (Registro Italiano Navale)
  • Built: 2000 at Daewoo Heavy Industries Ltd, Geoje, South Korea
  • Deadweight Tonnage (DWT): 74,999 metric tons
  • Draft: 14.52 meters
  • Main Engine: 10,173 kW Hanjung-Sulzer 5RTA58T-B
  • Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS): Fitted
  • Special Features: IMO III compliant (likely indicating it's designed for carrying hazardous liquids)
  • Survey Status: SS/DD (Special Survey/Dry Dock) due in March 2025

Additional notes:

  • The vessel's current name is "LEONID," but it was previously named "WEMBLEY."
  • It is registered under the Panama flag.
  • The vessel is classified under RINA, a classification society that certifies ships based on their compliance with safety and environmental standards.
  • The main engine is specified as a 10,173 kW Hanjung-Sulzer model, which is a substantial power output suitable for a vessel of this size.

The information also mentions that all details are in the possession of the seller and are provided in good faith but subject to Without Guarantee (WOG), which is a common disclaimer used in maritime transactions to indicate that the information is provided to the best of their knowledge but without legal guarantees.

If you are interested in acquiring or further evaluating the M/T "LEONID," you may want to contact the sellers or their representatives for more specific details, pricing guidance, and to conduct due diligence before making any purchase decisions.


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