Subject: For Sale: New Woodward UG-40 Actuator

Date: 5/5/2023 6:05:02 PM

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Dear sir,

We have New Woodward UG-40 Actuator in stock for sale.

Part number: A 8251-335

if interest contact us on mail or WhatsApp.



Akash (sales)

Manu Marine Spares

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Akash Gautam
6/5/2024 5:16:57 AM India

Good day,

                      Mr George please contact us on by email

6/4/2024 7:21:48 PM South Africa

Urgent conKtact for supply of ug 40 governor 

Akash Gautam
4/22/2024 8:05:41 PM India

We have 10 more pcs UG-40 Actuators in stock.

If interested contact us on


Whatsapp: +919714252175


5/26/2023 7:43:26 PM South Africa

we are looking for the WOODWARD UG40 ACTUATOR, part number A 8251-327.

                                                                                                , serial number 11903487.

it is used in the power plant.



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What is New Woodward UG-40 Actuator ?

The Woodward UG-40 Actuator is a mechanical-hydraulic actuator designed and manufactured by Woodward, a leading company specializing in energy control and optimization solutions for various industries, including aerospace and industrial sectors. The UG-40 actuator is used in conjunction with a fuel control governor to provide precise control of fuel flow and engine speed in various applications such as gas turbines, steam turbines, and diesel engines.

The New Woodward UG-40 Actuator offers improved performance, reliability, and durability compared to older models. It is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Key features of the New Woodward UG-40 Actuator may include:

  1. Precise control: The UG-40 Actuator offers accurate and stable control of fuel flow and engine speed, ensuring optimal engine performance and efficiency.
  2. Compatibility: The actuator is designed to work with a variety of Woodward governors and other compatible fuel control systems, making it suitable for various applications and engine types.
  3. Durability and reliability: Woodward actuators are known for their robust construction and high-quality materials, ensuring reliable performance and long service life, even in challenging operating environments.
  4. Easy maintenance: The UG-40 Actuator is designed for simplified maintenance, with accessible components and minimal maintenance requirements.

Overall, the New Woodward UG-40 Actuator is a reliable and high-performance solution for precise control of fuel flow and engine speed in a wide range of industrial applications, helping to ensure optimal engine performance, efficiency, and reduced emissions.


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