Subject: For sale: PGG-58 Woodward Governors

Date: 3/27/2023 1:53:14 PM

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Hello Sir/Ma’am,

Available Woodward Governors

PGG-58 3pcs

Part no: 8575-955


For detail please contact us on mail.


Akash (sales)

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What is PGG-58 Woodward Governors ?

PGG-58 is a type of electronic governor produced by Woodward, a global manufacturer of control systems and components for the aerospace and industrial markets. The PGG-58 governor is designed for use with gas turbine engines and other types of rotating machinery that require precise control of their speed and output.

The PGG-58 governor operates by receiving input signals from sensors that measure engine speed, load, and other performance parameters. Based on these inputs, the governor adjusts the fuel flow and other engine controls to maintain the desired speed and output.

The PGG-58 governor is known for its advanced control algorithms and robust design, which make it well-suited for use in harsh industrial environments. It offers a range of features and options, such as multiple speed setpoints, load sharing, and fault diagnostics, that allow it to be customized for specific applications.

Overall, the PGG-58 governor from Woodward is a high-performance and reliable control system that is widely used in a variety of industrial and aerospace applications.


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