Subject: For Sale: Shinko RX 1 Cargo Oil Pump Turbine

Date: 4/3/2023 5:15:26 AM

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We carry ready stock of Crankshaft, Cam-Shaft, Compressor, FO/SW Pump, Cylinder Liners, Cylinder Covers, Piston crowns/skirts, Boiler, Turbocharger, Aux Engine and Spare parts shipment/Supply All Ports by Air Freight, Sea Freight, DHL, Courier. 

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What is Shinko RX 1 Cargo Oil Pump Turbine ?

The Shinko RX 1 Cargo Oil Pump Turbine is a type of steam turbine-driven cargo oil pump manufactured by Shinko Ind. Ltd., a Japanese company specializing in the production of marine pumps, turbines, and other related equipment. These steam turbine-driven pumps are commonly used in the marine industry, particularly on oil tankers and other vessels designed to transport liquid cargo, such as crude oil or refined petroleum products.

The Shinko RX 1 Cargo Oil Pump Turbine uses steam as its power source, which drives a turbine connected to the pump. The steam is typically generated by the ship's boiler system, and the turbine converts the thermal energy of the steam into mechanical energy to drive the pump. This design eliminates the need for an electric motor or internal combustion engine as a power source for the pump, making it more efficient and reliable in certain marine applications.

Key features of the Shinko RX 1 Cargo Oil Pump Turbine may include:

  1. High efficiency: Steam turbine-driven pumps are known for their high efficiency, as they directly convert the thermal energy of steam into mechanical energy without the need for intermediate energy conversions.

  2. Reliability: The steam turbine-driven design offers excellent reliability, as there are fewer moving parts and less potential for electrical or mechanical failure compared to other types of pumps.

  3. Compatibility: The Shinko RX 1 Cargo Oil Pump Turbine is designed to handle various types of liquid cargo, including crude oil, refined petroleum products, and other types of liquid cargo with varying viscosities.

  4. Customization: The pump and turbine can be tailored to specific ship configurations and requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

In summary, the Shinko RX 1 Cargo Oil Pump Turbine is a steam turbine-driven pump designed for use on oil tankers and other liquid cargo-carrying vessels. Its high efficiency, reliability, and compatibility make it a popular choice for various marine applications.

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