Subject: For Sale Used Caterpillar Generator Sets.

Date: 2/23/2024 5:57:23 AM

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1. CAT 3608 (2 sets x 2,500kW) Generator Sets 60Hz 6.6kV 360HR. 
2. CAT 3516B (2 sets x 2000kW) Generator Sets 60Hz 3.3kV 400HR. 
3. CAT 3516 (1 set x 2,000kW) Generator Set 60Hz 3.3kV 300HR with radiator. 
4. CAT 3516 (4 sets x 2,000kW) Generator Sets 60Hz 6.6kV 100HR. 
5. CAT 3512B (2 sets x 1,500kW) Generator Sets 60Hz 6.6kV 300HR. 
6. CAT 3508 (1 sets x 1000kW) Generator Sets 60Hz 380V 61HR with radiator. 
7. CAT 3508B (2 sets x 1000kW) Generator Sets 60Hz 6.6kV 400HR with radiator. 
8. CAT G3516 (2 sets x 925kW) Gas Generator Sets 60Hz 480V. 

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