Subject: For Sale: Yanmar 6N280 Gensets 3 pcs

Date: 3/18/2024 1:09:27 PM

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We are able to supply 3 pcs Yanmar 6N280 Complete Genset 1680 kw - 1875 kva 60 hz


For more information please dont hesitate to contact with us.


Best Regards

Burak Aldemir


Mobile: +90 532 698 66 21

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What is Yanmar 6N280 Genset 1680 kw - 1875 kva 60 hz ?

The Yanmar 6N280 Genset is a specific model of a generator set (genset) manufactured by Yanmar Co., Ltd., a Japanese company known for its diesel engines and power solutions. Here are the key specifications and features of the Yanmar 6N280 Genset based on the information provided:

  1. Manufacturer: Yanmar Co., Ltd., a reputable company with expertise in producing diesel engines, generators, and related power equipment.

  2. Model: 6N280 is the model designation of this particular genset produced by Yanmar.

  3. Power Output: The genset has a power output of 1680 kilowatts (kW) or 1875 kilovolt-amperes (kVA). This rating indicates the electrical power capacity that the generator can deliver under specific conditions.

  4. Frequency: The genset operates at a frequency of 60 Hertz (Hz), which is a common frequency standard for electrical systems in regions such as North America and some parts of Asia.

  5. Application: Gensets like the Yanmar 6N280 are typically used for prime power or standby power applications in various sectors, including industrial, commercial, residential, and emergency backup power systems.

  6. Technology: Yanmar gensets are known for their reliable and efficient diesel engine technology. The 6N280 genset is likely equipped with features such as electronic engine control, fuel-efficient design, and advanced monitoring and protection systems.

  7. Fuel Type: Given that it's a diesel genset, the Yanmar 6N280 likely operates on diesel fuel, which is commonly used in larger generator sets due to its energy density and availability.

  8. Maintenance: Like any diesel generator, regular maintenance, servicing, and adherence to manufacturer guidelines are crucial to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and longevity of the genset.

Overall, the Yanmar 6N280 Genset with a power output of 1680 kW - 1875 kVA at 60 Hz is a high-capacity generator suitable for providing electricity in a wide range of applications, from powering large industrial facilities to serving as backup power in critical infrastructure installations.


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