Subject: For Sell : Yanmar NZ61 Governor for Yanmar N18 Engine

Date: 3/3/2023 5:35:21 PM

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Yanmar NZ61 Governor for Yanmar N18 Engine

Make : Yanmar

Model : NZ61

Qty : 1 Piece

Condition : Completely Reconditioned

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Maaz Mirza
7/4/2024 8:44:19 AM India

Dear Sir

Greetings of the day

We also have another NZ61 Governor, Please Reach out to us here.

Mohamed Sulaiman
7/4/2024 4:46:33 AM Singapore

Good day,

Please quote 2 units NZ61 governor.

Thank you


Best Regards


2/29/2024 8:27:00 AM Singapore

Good day,

Please quote 1unit NZ61 governor.

If you have more than one, please make an offer.

Thank you

Best regards



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What is Yanmar NZ61 Governor for Yanmar N18 Engine ?

The Yanmar NZ61 governor is a device that controls the speed of the Yanmar N18 engine by regulating the fuel supply to the engine. The governor is an important component of the engine's fuel system and ensures that the engine runs at a consistent speed, even under varying load conditions.

The NZ61 governor is specifically designed for use with the Yanmar N18 engine and is calibrated to provide precise control over the engine's speed. It is a mechanical governor that uses a combination of springs and weights to regulate the fuel supply.

In summary, the Yanmar NZ61 governor is a crucial component of the Yanmar N18 engine's fuel system, responsible for maintaining a consistent engine speed under varying load conditions.



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