Subject: Gas turbine GE PG 6541/B 30 MW

Date: 6/5/2023 6:36:33 PM

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Gas turbine

ManufacturerGeneral electric
ModelPG 6541/B
Fuel typesLíquido y gas
Base Load ISO Condition45.83 MW
Peak Load ISO Condition49.79 MW
Levels5163 rpm
Generator and exciter moment of inertia5.600 kgm2
Year of manufactureEnero 1992
Year of shutdown2014
Manual starts527
Total starts674
Quick starts7
Ignition starts490
Emergency trips223
High exhaust temperature trips23
Total hours of flame operation154.029
Peak position operation8,3
Gas fuel operation137.689
Distillate fuel operation99.995
Equivalent starts2.720
Equivalent hours184.830
Last inspection9 January 2013

Inspections: Inspection records are available from 2000 to 2013. All inspections were carried out in accordance with the intervals recommended by the manufacturer and using a service specialised in this type of activity.

Note: In 2011 an upgrade was performed on the turbine, through the intervention of the components of the hot gas path. The upgrade includes the replacement or modification of components such as stators, fuel nozzles, combustion liners, transition pieces, crossfire tubes, turbine blades, as well as improvements such as new geometries, new coatings, improvements in the cooling of the hot parts and in the sealing of the gases in the hot gas pathways. This modification also involves changing the speed reduction gearbox, as the turbine speed is increased from 5,114 RPM to 5,163 RPM. With the upgrade the power output, at ISO CONDITION, at base load is 45.83 MW and 59.73 MW at peak load, operating with natural gas as fuel.

ManufacturerGEC Alsthom (ALSTOM)
Connection typeEstrella
Year of manufacture1993
Rated power39.789 MVA
Rated voltage11000 V
Rated current2088 A
Power factor0.9
Speed3000 rpm
Frequency50 Hz
Insulation classF
Continuous duty 
Excitation214 V / 437 A
IEC 34-1 Standard 
ProtectionIP55 (IEC 34-5)
Control system 
ManufacturerGeneral Electric
ModelTRL 65 CV (G3)
InstallationSeptember 2011
ConditionVery good, gears like new
Weight table Generator (Kg) 
Stator weight35.600
Generator and exciter rotor weight15.400
Gearbox weight12.000
Package box14.200
Exciter stator380
Table Turbine Weights (kg) 
Complete rotor weight11363
Weight compressor rotor5636
Weight turbine wheels and spacer4818
Weight diffuser1091
Weight upper half of exhaust hood frame2000
Weight upper half of compressor casing1409
Weight upper half of inlet casing2500
Weight other covers3836
Weight total turbine41659
Included items
Gas turbine PG 6541/B
Encapsulated Gas turbine
Medium voltage switchgear
Compressor washing skid
Exhaust drain skid
Diesel pumping skid
Diesel oil superheater
Drainage tank - IM3
Control compartment
Air filter
Gas sweep skid
Steam injection group
Flat pack assembly
Cooling system
Skid gas separator filter
CO2 skid
Diesel oil filtration skid
Gas ventilation skid


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