GE TM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine Has been shipped to Ukraine from Arizona, USA, on a Ukrainian Antonov cargo plane to help support emergency power needs in the country. The portable turbine was purchased by USAID, the United States government’s humanitarian and foreign aid agency, to help Ukraine restore power where it is needed most.

“GE is uniquely positioned to be able to support Ukraine in their infrastructure rebuilding efforts, and our mobile aero technology has a proven track record for emergency power response situations due to its mobility, reliability, and flexibility,” says Aman Joshi, the general manager of GE’s aeroderivatives business at GE Gas Power, which is part of GE Vernova. The arrangement with USAID, he adds, “is really symbolic of the kind of support GE can provide to countries that are in need of urgent power infrastructure.”

In simple terms, the TM2500 is a giant, mobile gas generator — a power plant on wheels, Joshi says. The TM basge stands for “trailer-mounted.” Whereas building a new plant takes one to four years, the approximately 28-megawatt machine, capable of powering the equivalent of more than 100,000 homes in Ukraine, can be trucked to a location and attached to a damaged power plant, or hooked directly into the electrical grid, within a few weeks.

 Based on the technology behind GE’s CF6 jet engine — which powers the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A310, among others — the aeroderivative turbine delivers with the speed and efficiency of an airplane. Once in place, it can power up and shut down in just five minutes, providing emergency responsiveness and reducing fuel waste. And where fuel is limited, the TM2500 offers a range of possibilities: It can run on natural gas or diesel, as well as sustainable aviation fuel blends. In addition, the TM2500 is hydrogen capable, with the ability to burn up to an 85% H2 blend, ensuring a pathway to help utilities and other stakeholders to reduce their carbon emissions.

   “In 20-plus years on the marketplace, more than 300 units have been put to use in about 30 countries worldwide, totalling over 6 million hours of operating experience,” says Midhat Mirabi, GE Gas Power’s aeroderivatives CEO for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. “In Europe, GE’s TM2500 and other aeroderivative units were the ideal solution for energy security at this time of crisis. The units have been deployed to provide fast emergency power in Ireland and Switzerland and powered local communities on remote Greek islands, and will now help Ukraine increase the supply of electricity where it is needed, which may include homes, hospitals, schools, critical infrastructure providers, and other institutions.”
  GE worked closely with USAID’s Energy Security Project (implemented by Tetra Tech) to be sensitive to the security and urgency of the power emergency in Ukraine. “The situation is pretty severe,” Joshi says. “The Ukrainians know they need a lot of power, but it’s like a moving chessboard, because every week something new is happening and something new is getting damaged.”                  
Once in place, the turbine could help keep Ukraine’s lights on and drinking water flowing into taps. “It might be very difficult, because it’s a war zone,”

Joshi says, but GE will be involved and will co-ordinate with contractors and local crews to get the TM2500 up and running as soon as possible.



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What is GE TM2500 Aeroderivative Gas Turbine ?

The GE TM2500 is an aeroderivative gas turbine, which is a type of gas turbine that is designed for mobile or temporary power generation applications. Aeroderivative gas turbines are based on aircraft engine technology and are known for their high power density, reliability, and flexibility.

The GE TM2500 is a highly efficient gas turbine that is capable of producing up to 35 megawatts (MW) of electricity. It is designed for use in a wide range of power generation applications, including peaking power plants, emergency backup power, and power for remote locations.

One of the key advantages of the GE TM2500 is its mobility. It can be transported quickly and easily to any location where power is needed, making it ideal for use in temporary power plants or in areas where power infrastructure is limited or non-existent. In addition, the TM2500 can be installed and commissioned quickly, allowing for fast deployment and rapid response in emergency situations.

The GE TM2500 gas turbine is also known for its high efficiency and low emissions. It uses advanced combustion technology to minimize emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other pollutants, making it a clean and environmentally friendly source of power.

Overall, the GE TM2500 is a highly advanced and versatile gas turbine that is designed for a wide range of power generation applications. Its mobility, efficiency, and low emissions make it an attractive option for power providers around the world.

Where can we use Aeroderivative Gas Turbine ?

Aeroderivative gas turbines like the GE TM2500 are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. Here are some examples:

  1. Power generation: Aeroderivative gas turbines are commonly used to generate electricity for industrial, commercial, and residential applications. They can be used in baseload power plants, peaking power plants, and in combination with renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.

  2. Emergency power: Aeroderivative gas turbines are often used to provide emergency backup power in case of a power outage. They can be quickly deployed to critical facilities such as hospitals, data centers, and military installations to ensure continuous power supply.

  3. Oil and gas industry: Aeroderivative gas turbines are widely used in the oil and gas industry for power generation and mechanical drive applications. They can be used to power drilling rigs, pipelines, and other equipment, as well as provide electricity to remote oil and gas facilities.

  4. Marine industry: Aeroderivative gas turbines are also used in the marine industry to power ships and offshore platforms. They are commonly used in fast ferries, cruise ships, and military vessels.

  5. Remote locations: Aeroderivative gas turbines can be used to provide power to remote locations where grid infrastructure is limited or non-existent. They can be used in mining, agriculture, and other industries to power remote operations.

Overall, the versatility and mobility of aeroderivative gas turbines make them an attractive option for a wide range of applications where reliable, efficient, and flexible power generation is needed.

Where can we buy GE TM2500 Aeroderivative Gas Turbine ?

If you are interested in purchasing a GE TM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine, you can contact GE Power directly to discuss your requirements and receive a quote.

GE Power has a network of authorized distributors and service providers around the world, so you can find a local contact to discuss your needs. You can find contact information for GE Power on their website.

It's important to note that the GE TM2500 is a high-performance machine that requires specialized installation, operation, and maintenance. As such, it's important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced team when purchasing and operating a TM2500 gas turbine. GE Power can provide support and guidance throughout the entire process, from selecting the right turbine for your needs to ensuring proper installation and operation.

In addition to purchasing a new GE TM2500 gas turbine, you may also be able to find used or refurbished units from authorized dealers or service providers. However, it's important to carefully evaluate the condition and history of any used equipment before making a purchase to ensure that it will meet your performance and reliability requirements.

What is the overhaul procedures GE TM2500 Aeroderivative Gas Turbines ?

The overhaul procedures for the GE TM2500 aeroderivative gas turbine are complex and involve several steps to ensure that the turbine is properly maintained and can continue to operate reliably and efficiently. Here are some of the key steps involved in overhauling a GE TM2500:

  1. Inspection and disassembly: The first step in overhauling a GE TM2500 is to conduct a thorough inspection of the turbine and disassemble it to its individual components. This involves removing the turbine casing, combustion system, rotor, and other components for inspection and cleaning.

  2. Cleaning and repair: Once the components are removed, they are cleaned and inspected for signs of wear, damage, or corrosion. Any worn or damaged parts are replaced or repaired as needed to ensure that the turbine can operate at peak performance.

  3. Reassembly: After the components are cleaned and repaired, they are reassembled in the proper sequence and torqued to the manufacturer's specifications. This includes installing the rotor, combustion system, and other components and ensuring that all seals and gaskets are properly installed.

  4. Testing and commissioning: Once the turbine is reassembled, it undergoes a series of tests to ensure that it is operating correctly. This includes conducting a run-in test to verify that the turbine is operating smoothly, and conducting a full-load test to verify that it is operating at peak performance. Once the tests are complete, the turbine is commissioned and put back into service.

The overhaul process for the GE TM2500 is complex and requires specialized knowledge and tools. As such, it is typically performed by trained technicians and supported by the manufacturer or an authorized service provider. The frequency of overhauls will depend on several factors, including the operating conditions, age of the equipment, and other factors. It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule to ensure the long-term reliability and performance of the turbine.



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