Subject: Generators, separator, air cooler, grinding machine

Date: 8.5.2018 19:03:11

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Dear Sirs,


The following units are available for sale - all NEVER USED, NEW:


- AVK generators, 50Hz, 11000V, 1000rpm – 6 sets;

- DFME generators, 60Hz, 440V, 720rpm – 6 sets;

- ALFA LAVAL separator type PU625 – 1 set;

- complete control systems for main engines MAN K80MC-C and L/S70MC-C – 4 sets;

- air cooler for main engine MAN L70MC-C – 1 set;

- valve’s grinder for main engine MAN L70MC, S70MC, L70ME, S70ME, K80MC, K80MC-C, L80MC, S80MC, L80ME, S80ME – 1 set.


If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us

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