Subject: Gensets Man18V32/40 Man6L27/38 Man10L32/44 MWM20/32V16 IN STOCK!

Date: 8/2/2023 11:13:57 AM

Details: Reviews 1

1. STX-MAN 18V3240, 8640kw, HFO FUEL, 6SETS

2. DOOSAN MAN 6L2738, 1900kw, HFO FUEL, 4SETS

3. MAN-ES 10L3244, 5400kw, HFO FUEL, 7SETS

4. MWM 2032V16, 4300kw, GAS FUEL, 6SETS

We also have spare parts for lots brand of gensets!

If u have any require or question,please don't hesiate to test me.

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Maged Ibrahim
4/7/2024 1:33:51 AM Egypt

Dear Alex,

Pls send me all the technical details of your storage equipment, dimensions and weights.

Got couple of requirments , 60 MW @50HZ fueled by HFO.

and another 2 3 MW gas gensets @ 50Hz.




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