Subject: HFO generator(s) required

Date: 19.01.2016 13:45:27

Details: Reviews 2

Dear Sir/Madam


We require HFO generator @11KV, 50Hz Wartsila:

  • 3.1-3.3 MW X 1               OR
  • 1.5-1.7 MW X 2


Please offer and send complete technical details, overhaul/maintenance information, running hours and offer/price.

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akhlesh sharma
23.04.2016 08:16:10 India

Dear Umair. I dress As per your requirements. We can provide you 2pcs of 1.7 mW gen.set of. If interested Contact: akhlesh_sharma Whatsapp- +91-9428009731 Moble- +91-9586545930

Mark Chen
06.02.2016 10:23:19 China

How can we contact you Sir? Sincerely yours, Mark Chen Chief Engineer (PhD, University of Paris VII) Multilingual - English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Chinese Advanced Power Technologies Ltd. (APT) 12B08 Marine Tower No1Pudong Avenue Pudong District Shanghai 200002 China Tel.: 021-3886-3920 Fax: 021-3887-2301


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