Subject: High-Efficiency Sludge Dewatering Machine for Wastewater

Date: 6/20/2024 5:53:13 AM

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The sludge dewatering machine produced by Apoaqua follows the principles of force and water in the same direction, thin layer dewatering, appropriate pressure and extended dehydration path in its dehydration mechanism. It solves the technical problems of previous generations of sludge dewatering machines, such as easy clogging, inability to process low-concentration wastewater sludge and oily sludge, high energy consumption, and complex operation, and achieves the goal of efficient and energy-saving dewatering.

Apoaqua sludge dewatering system includes: fully automatic control cabinet, flocculation conditioning tank, sludge concentration and dewatering body and liquid collecting tank. It can realize efficient flocculation and continuously complete wastewater sludge concentration and squeezing dewatering under fully automatic operation, and finally return or discharge the collected filtrate.

In order to meet the special needs of users in related industries, Apoaqua's sludge dewatering machine has the advantages of low-speed operation, self-cleaning, no clogging and low energy consumption. We continuously tailor targeted industry-specific solutions for users in various industries, including sludge dewatering equipment for industries such as petrochemical, papermaking, starch protein, chemical pharmaceuticals, blue algae, inorganic materials and pectin processing.


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