Subject: Himsen 8H25/33P new Engine Spare Parts available

Date: 2/22/2024 1:01:46 PM

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We have available in stock, an unused Himsen 8H25/33P MARINE Propulsion Engine, We can offer all spares from this engine.


Please find below, a list of parts:


Hyundai Himsen 8H25/33P Marine propulsion engine Spares-


Part Name Qty

Head complete 8

Conrod 8

Pistons 8

Liner 8

Piston pin 8

Turbocharger 1

Air cooler 1

Governor complete 1

Fuel pipe 8

Fuel pump 8

Fuel pump Tappet unit complete 8

Water pump 1

Oil pump 1

Distributor 1

Oil cooler 1

Gear train 1

Crankshaft 1

Camshaft 1

Mist detector 1

Block 1

Lube oil filters [set] 1


All spares are fitted on the engine and will be removed as per order confirmation.

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