Subject: Hospital Sludge Multi Disc Screw Press by Apoaqua

Date: 7/6/2024 11:04:18 AM

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With the continuous development of medical technology, the amount of sewage generated by hospitals is increasing. Screw press dewatering, as an efficient and environmentally friendly sludge dewatering equipment, has gradually been widely used in the field of hospital sewage treatment.

In practical applications, hospital wastewater treatment systems first remove large particles of impurities and suspended solids through a screen. Then it enters the regulating tank for water quality and water quantity adjustment. The water out of the regulating tank is pumped and then enters the screw press dewatering machine for treatment. The treated effluent can meet the discharge standards or reuse requirements, and the filter cake is cleaned regularly and disposed of safely.

Hospital wastewater mainly includes medical wastewater and domestic wastewater. Sludge dewatering equipment is used in the sludge dewatering process of sewage treatment. The amount of sludge in hospital wastewater is generally not large, so a small sludge dewatering machine is more appropriate. For example, Apo131 or Apo201 can fully meet the requirements.

Features of Dewatering Screw Press

Simple and compact structure: The dewatering screw press has a simple structure, occupies a small area, and is easy to install and maintain.

Strong processing capacity: The processing capacity is strong and can meet the needs of hospital sewage treatment.

Energy saving and environmental protection: It uses a motor with low power consumption and low noise. At the same time, its operation process is harmless to the environment.

Automatic control: The sludge dewatering screw press uses an automatic control system, which can realize remote control and monitoring and reduce manual intervention.

Strong adaptability: It has strong adaptability to water quality and flow. It can be widely used in various types of hospital sewage treatment.

As a highly efficient hospital sewage treatment equipment, multi disc screw press has broad application prospects. Through reasonable design and layout, the hospital sewage treatment effect and treatment capacity can be effectively improved. Provide strong support for hospitals to create a better medical environment. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of technology, Apoaqua brand sludge dewatering system will become more mature in the field of hospital sewage treatment.


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