Jamaicans benefit from global education


Jamaicans benefit from global education

Jamaican seafarers and the country’s whole maritime sector are benefiting from the country’s close association with The World Maritime University (WMU).

The Maritime Authority of Jamaica’s Director General Rear Admiral Peter Brady says: “Our administrators, policy makers and indeed seafarers are improving their knowledge and technical capacity by attending courses at the WMU and then bringing their new skills and experience back to the Caribbean to the benefit of our maritime industries. Together they are helping us achieve safer, cleaner and more secure seas, and contributing to the development of our maritime administrations and industries through their enhanced capacity and academic training.”
Returning from the 29th regular session of the WMU Board of Governors in Malmö, Sweden,
chaired by the University’s Chancellor, IMO Secretary‐General, Mr. Efthimios Mitropoulos,
Admiral Brady reports that under a new Charter with a new President and tighter Board of
Governors with renewed thrust, assisted by new institutional arrangements, the World Maritime University is seeking to improve its financial position and raise its global profile higher by increasing the fellowships for the core MSc programmes, strengthening the research‐based activities and extending its outreach with relevant Professional Development Courses. 

Over a period of 25 years a total of 27 Jamaicans have graduated with masters degrees from the university. They serve in various senior maritime and executive capacities in Government and in the commercial sector, at the Port Authority of Jamaica, the Caribbean Maritime Institute, the Maritime Authority of Jamaica, the Jamaica Defence Force, the Fisheries Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and commercial law firms, while many others have migrated and are now serving in the Governments and maritime industries of several CARICOM States.
Adm. Brady has been a member of the WMU Board for four years. At this, the second meeting of the Board since the governance arrangements at the University were updated through the revision of its Charter, (effective from 1 January 2010), the governors welcomed the improvement in the University’s budgetary position and approved three plans drawn up by the University to guide its future development. The Board approved, as working documents, three plans drawn up by the University to guide its future development: a Strategic Vision Plan, 2010‐2015; a Development Plan, 2011‐2013 (which includes plans for the relocation of the University to a larger, state‐of‐theart building provided by the City of Malmö); and a Business Plan for 2011 and 2012 (which includes much‐improved financial modelling tools to support the effective management of the University’s limited resources).
Source: Maritime Authority of Jamaica


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