Subject: List of Power plant for sale on June, 2021

Date: 6/3/2021 1:58:32 PM

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List of Power plant for sale on June, 2021

To whom it may concern,

We are now selling Used and Brand New power plant as below.

  1. 11.88MW Gas-engine 4 sets of NIIGATA 18V22AG 2880KW 900rpm 60hz 3450V 2005, 2006 year
  2. 34MW Used Gas-Turbine 1 set of MHPS(Mitsubishi Hitachi power system) 34000kw 7275rpm 50hz 11500V 2011year Total used hours 695hrs, Dismantled and stocked at a yard from 3 years ago.
  3. 2.49MW Used Gas-engine 1 set of JENBACHER JMS620GS-N.L  2495kw 1800rpm 60hz 3300V 2005 year
  4. 949KW Used Gas-engine 1 set JENBACHER J320 GS-C09  949kw 1500rpm 50hz 2012 year
  5. 5.76MW Gas-engine 2 sets of NIIGATA 18V22AG 2880KW 900rpm 60hz 3450V 2005 year
  6. 5.76MW Gas-engine 2 sets of NIIGATA 18V22AG 2880KW 900rpm 60hz 3450V 2006 year
  7. 3.95MW Used Gas-engine 3 sets of NIIGATA 8L22AG 1318kw 900rpm 60hz 6600V 2007 year
  8. 22MW Gas-engine 4 sets of MITSUBISHI 18KU30GA 5500kw 720rpm 60hz 2005 Delivery on Oct, 2020 year
  9. 7.5MW Used engine-generator 3 sets of YANMAR 8n330l 2500kw 720rpm 6600V Fuel D/O 1997 year
  10. 36.45MW Used engine generator 5 sets of WARTSILA W18V32 7290kw 720rpm 13800V 2001year(Dismantled and stocked at a warehouse)
  11. 46MW Unused(Brand new) Marine type of HFO engine generator 6 sets of CATERPILLAR 16CM32C 7680kw 720rpm 60hz MDO/HFO 11000V 2013 year ( Engine + generator + base with some part of Auxiliaries, dismantled and stocked at a shipyard)
  12. 3.96MW Unused(Brand new) engine generator 2 sets of MAN 9L21/31 1980kw 1000rpm 50hz 6600V 2013 year
  13. 90MW used 2 sets 30mw HITACHI Gas-turbine+1 set 3-mw steam turbine 50hz 11000V 2006 year
  14. 10.8MW Used engine generator 3 sets of SSANGYONG(STX) MAN B&W 3600kw 720rpm 60hz 1999 Used hours under 2,000hrs~3000hrs since brand new each.
  15. 1,4MW Gas-engine generator 1 set of NIIGATA 8L22AG 1465kw 1000rpm 50hz 3300V 2005 year
  16. 3MW Diesel engine generator 2 sets of DAIHATSU 6DK-28 1588kw 720rpm 60hz 3450V 2002 year
  17. 17.2MW Unused gas-engine generator 2 sets of HIMSEN 17H34/50GV 750rpm 50hz 11,500V (Engine + generator + base only) 
  18. 3000KVA Unused gas-turbine 1 set of KAWASAKI PU3000B-ER 3,000kva 60hz 22000/1800rpm 6600V 2019 year Used hours 0hrs Emergency type.
  19. 3.6MW Used engine generator 1 set of NIIGATA 12V32CLX 3600kw 600rpm 60hz HFO 1996 year
  20. 6MW Used engine generator 4 sets of DAIHATSU 6DK28 1,500kw 720rpm 60hz DO 2001 year 
  21. 54.53MW 7sets of Niigata STX 16V34HLX 7,780KW(9,737KVA) 600rpm 50hz 11000V HFO 2012 year(for the investment or the sale)
  22. 24MW 4 sets of Gas-engine NIIGATA 18V28AGS 6000KW 750rpm 50hz 11000V Natural Gas 2014 year (for the investment or the sale)
  23. 38.34MW Gas-turbine ALSTHOM PG6541(Frame-6B) 50hz 11000V Natural Gas 1989 retrofitted on 2017 (for the investment or the sale)
  24. 45MW HFO engine generator 8 sets( 1 set in trouble) of MITSUBISHI 5650kw 750rpm 50hz 11000v 1998 year
  25. 9MW HFO engine 1 set of MAN 18V32/40 9000KW 50/60hz 2013 (No used) 
  26. Brand New engine HFO/DO from 1400kw-8000kw/per unit

    Other details are subject to client's request.

    Best regards,
    Mr. P.H. Kim / CEO

    Sinsin Trading Co.,Ltd
    #207, Gwangjang-ro 34(Gwaebeop-dong), Sasang-gu,
    Busan-city, Republic of Korea(South)
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