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We are able to supply following crankshafts from Istanbul - Turkey ready for the delivery

  1. MAK 9M32 Crankshaft
  2. MAK 6M32 Crankshaft
  3. MAK 9M20 Crankshaft 2 pcs
  4. MAK 6M20 Crankshaft 3 pcs
  5. MAK 6M453AK Crankshaft
  6. MAK 9M453AK Crankshaft
  7. MAK 8M453C Crankshaft
  8. MAK 8M551AK Crankshaft
  9. MAK 8M552AK Crankshaft
  10. MAK 6M332AK Crankshaft
  11. Wartsila 4R32 Crankshaft
  12. Wartsila 6R32 Crankshaft 3 pcs
  13. Wartsila 6R32LN Crankshaft
  14. Wartsila 8R32 Crankshaft
  15. Wartsila 8R32LN Crankshaft
  16. Wartsila 6R46 Crankshaft
  17. Wartsila 6R22 Crankshaft 2 pcs
  18. Wartsila 6R22/26 Crankshaft 2 pcs
  19. Wartsila 4R20 Crankshaft
  20. Wartsila Nohab 12V25 Crankshaft
  21. Wartsila Nohab F312 Crankshaft
  22. Wartsila Nohab F216 Crankshaft
  23. Daihatsu 6DK20 Crankshaft 2 pcs
  24. Daihatsu 6DL20 Crankshaft
  25. Yanmar 6M200 Crankshaft
  26. Yanmar 6S185L Crankshaft
  27. Yanmar 8N280 Crankshaft
  28. MAN B&W 5L23/30H Crankshaft
  29. MAN B&W 6L23/30 Crankshaft
  30. MAN B&W 5L28/32H Crankshaft
  31. MAN B&W 6L28/32H Crankshaft
  32. Deutz 8M540 Crankshaft
  33. Pielstick 12PC2.5 Crankshaft
  34. Sulzer 8ZA40S Crankshaft
  35. Sulzer 6AL20/24 Crankshaft
  36. Sulzer 8AL 20/24 Crankshaft
  37. Bergen KVM12 Crankshaft
  38. CAT C280-6 Crankshaft

All Crankshafts Location is Turkey, if anybody interested please don t hesitate to contact with us.

Best Regards

Burak Aldemir

Mobile: +90 532 698 66 21

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