Subject: Livestock Carriers to Purchase

Date: 2/27/2023 12:50:35 PM

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Dear Sir,

Kindly our client looking for vessels /livestock carrier as per below specifications on urgent need

Main Particulars : 


Built : 1984 IMO No. : 

 Rebuilt/Converted :2010 

Port of  International/

GT/NT : 40035 / 12010 

L.O.A. : 190.0 m 

Suez GT / NT : 40035 

Breadth Molded : 32.20 m 

Main Engine : 12900 BHP 

Draft SDWT : 9.8 m 

Max. Speed : 18.0 Kts 

Service Speed : 17.0 Kts 

Livestock Particulars: 

Max. Loading Area 24883.79 M2 

Cattle 19841.30 M2 

Sheep 5042.49 M2  

NB : Actual available space might vary depending on Trade and trade Area.

 Loading Ramp Position:

 Bow to Cattle Ramp 87.5 m 

Bridge to Cattle Ramp 38.0 m 

Fresh Water:  

Capacity : 4200 MT

Production : 800 MT Tank Capacity Extra on Deck : 3600 MT : 400 MT

Fodder Info: 

Tank Capacity: 3600 MT

Extra on Deck: 400 MT

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What is Livestock Carrier ?

This is a description of a specific livestock carrier vessel. The vessel has a gross tonnage (GT) of 40035 and a net tonnage (NT) of 12010, with a length overall (L.O.A.) of 190.0 meters and a molded breadth of 32.20 meters. The ship's Suez GT/NT is also 40035.

The vessel is equipped with a main engine that has a power output of 12900 BHP and can achieve a maximum speed of 18.0 knots, with a service speed of 17.0 knots. The draft when loaded to its summer deadweight (SDWT) is 9.8 meters.

The livestock particulars show that the vessel has a maximum loading area of 24883.79 square meters, with 19841.30 square meters designated for cattle and 5042.49 square meters for sheep. However, the actual available space may vary depending on the trade and trade area.

The vessel has two loading ramps positioned at the bow and bridge for loading and unloading cattle. The bow to cattle ramp is 87.5 meters, and the bridge to cattle ramp is 38.0 meters.

The vessel has a freshwater capacity of 4200 metric tons and a production capacity of 800 metric tons. The tank capacity for fodder is 3600 metric tons, with an additional 400 metric tons stored on deck.

Overall, this vessel is designed to transport live animals over long distances, with specialized facilities to ensure the health and welfare of the animals during transit.



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