Subject: LM5000 & LM6000 - CF6-50 & CF6-80

Date: 8/14/2023 8:26:13 PM

Details: Reviews 2

Reliance MRO participates in the Sales, Repairs, Lease, Exchange Engines, and Spares from Airline consignments, OEMs, Acquisitions for contracts and resell purposes.  We have a list of GE CF6-50 & CF6-80 engine tear downs that we have in stock in the U.S. in which we'd be happy to share with you. We have the services to do repairs on those parts to be fully inspected and repaired via a service bulletin or AD and or to your specified instructions for installation purposes. We’re FAA AC 00-56 and ASA100 certified quality standards and follow all US and FAA regulations.


Let us know if you're interested.

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Saint Simon
2/4/2024 1:32:15 PM Indonesia

Whe are looking for some Engines 

CF6-50 or 50E2



Stephen Johnson
8/17/2023 9:47:06 PM United States

We have two LM5000 packages avauilable without EG, PT, or GG in Syracuse, NY. Also have major spares for thos etwo decommissioned plants  and $18MM in spare parts in Hialeah, Florida


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