Subject: Looking for 3 TM2500 , duel fuel 50 herth

Date: 4/8/2023 1:02:26 AM

Details: Reviews 4

Looking for 3,  TM2500 DUAL FUEL SYSTEM 

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mike clarkson
9/26/2023 9:50:00 PM United States

Please send price and age/hours

Rehan Hanif
4/23/2023 6:47:09 AM Pakistan

Dear Mr. Paolo Marzari,

Can you please prove LM2500+DLE turbines? We urgently need 2 units.

Please contact me ASAP on email or Whatsapp.

Thank you and with best regards

Rehan Hanif 

4/18/2023 10:31:50 PM Poland

Dear Paolo! We would like to purchase six (6) TM2500 units, with low hours or new, for our customer in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Please contact me at the following email address:

Best regards,


Paolo Marzari
4/10/2023 6:29:44 PM Switzerland

Good day Jose,

we have several TM2500 available with low hours

kind regards

P. Marzari


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What is TM2500 Gas Turbine ?

The General Electric TM2500 Dual Fuel Gas Turbine is a mobile, fast-starting, and flexible power generation solution that can operate on two different fuel types – natural gas and liquid fuel (typically distillate or diesel fuel). This dual-fuel capability provides added flexibility and ensures a reliable power supply in situations where one type of fuel might be scarce or unavailable.

The TM2500 Dual Fuel Gas Turbine shares the same key features as the standard TM2500 gas turbine, such as:

  1. Fast power: It can be deployed, installed, and generating power within days, making it an ideal solution for emergency power needs or fast-track projects.
  2. Mobile and modular: The gas turbine is trailer-mounted, allowing for easy transportation and installation in various locations as needed. The modular design enables easy integration with existing infrastructure or other power generation solutions.
  3. High efficiency and low emissions: The TM2500 boasts high thermal efficiency and low emissions, making it an environmentally friendly power generation option.
  4. Scalable power output: The TM2500 can generate up to 35+ MW of electricity, and multiple units can be deployed together to meet larger power requirements.
  5. Remote monitoring and control: The TM2500 is equipped with advanced monitoring and control systems, allowing operators to manage the gas turbine remotely and ensure optimal performance.

The main advantage of the dual-fuel configuration is the ability to switch between natural gas and liquid fuel, which provides operational flexibility, especially in regions with limited fuel availability or during periods of fuel supply disruptions. This capability enhances the reliability of the power supply and ensures continuous power generation even in challenging conditions.


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