Subject: Looking for a used Genset MWM TCG 2020 V20

Date: 7.8.2017 12:55:08

Details: Reviews 5

Dear Sir or Madam, 

we are looking for a used Genset MWM TCG 2020 V20 for our customer.

Operating hours, Gas type and construction way  do not matter.

It would be great, if you can help us.


Best regards

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Alagu Bhaskar
9.10.2017 15:20:39 India

Dear Sir,


Please contact. I have genset for sale





Shoab Sama
23.9.2017 17:57:49 India

Hi, I m Shoab Sama from Gujarat. India. I sent you email of your require of MWM TCG 2020 V20 with Detail information. But still you are not give reply. If you untrusted then reply fast as possible. Thank You

Shoab Sama
21.9.2017 21:12:12 India

Hi., I m Sama Shona from Gujrat India. Your Requirement of Gender MWM TCG 2020 v20 is available. I will supply you if you want. Thank You

Gonzalo Gonzalez
23.8.2017 17:01:08 Spain

Dear Marten, We have available two used gensets in Spain, both running with Natural Gas. 1) TBG 620 V20 with alternator, year 2003 2) TCG 2020 V16 with alternator,year 2007 Please, let me know if you can be interested to give you more details. Waiting to hear from you soon, Best Regards Gonzalo Gonzalez OMIL

22.8.2017 18:19:41 Spain


We have this 2 sets vailable in Asia.


This is the first set.
This has done about 22000 hours from new and has maintenance history. Liner/pistons were changed at about 21000 hours.
Set is well kept and is ready to dismantle.

1) engine with alternator
2) TEM panel
3) CPU panel
4) Aux Panel
5) all the pumps and valves
6) Heat Exchangers
7) Gas Train Complete.
8) Silencers
NO Transformer and No dry coolers as end user setup was
designed using 2 x cooling towers
documentation is complete


This is the 2nd set which is for sale.

Last maintenance was done in 2013 and it was an E50.

Genset is in fact on 20,000 hours.

All the rest of the service history and documentation is available on site.

engine commissioned end of Sept 2008
Last service in Sept 2011
only done 19114 hours from new
Engine is still installed and can be seen running during inspection
Crank rotation is done once a month
Lube oil pumps are on
Set has been maintained well by the end user
 They have a gas turbine which is in use currently for their power requirement
and so they decided to sell this engine with all auxiliaries.

If interested send me via email. 


Thank you. 






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