Subject: Looking for coal fired power plants to purchase

Date: 2/18/2024 8:49:09 PM

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Dear Esteemed Company 

 Currently, we are interested in acquiring a coal-fired power plant, with a capacity ranging from 30 MW to 500 MW. We are open to either a single plant or multiple used plants, rather than brand new ones.


We kindly request you to provide us with the availability of plans and their technical specifications. Once we receive this information, we will carefully review your documentation. If we find that we are able to afford the plant you are offering us, we will provide you with the full specifications of our project as well as the necessary financial resources. We eagerly await your positive response at your earliest convenience as we are eager to begin doing business together.

Best regards,Nasseri Ahmad Shah

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4/17/2024 2:42:27 PM Russian Federation

Dear Nasseri Ahmad Shah, if you are purchasing a coal power plant, then I offer for sale fuel coal for operating a coal power plant. If my offer is of interest to you, I look forward to contacting you by email.

Adil Fatani
3/11/2024 1:48:28 PM India

Hello sir,

I am Adil Fatani from HF Marine and CO

We can arrange a whole therml power plant aka coal power plant as per your request,

Kindly contact via WhatsApp @ +917990543736.

Waiting for a positive response from your inshallah!

Thank you

Best Regards

Adil Fatani

HF Marine and CO


Allah Hafiz 


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