Subject: low hours run 34 mw Hitachi Gas turbine set for sale( 50HZ)

Date: 19.9.2018 23:58:34

Details: Reviews 1

1. Gas Turbine

(General specification)

Make: Hitachi (=MHPS)(Japan)

Manufacturing year: September/2011

Run hours : 695 hours 

Model: H-25

Serial number: 956121

Output: 34,000KW

Simple type

Single shaft type

Horizontal split casting, stacking rotor type

3 stages impulse type

Efficiency: 34.8% LHV

Heat rate: 10350 kJ/kWh

Heat rate: 9806 Btu/kWh

Exaust flow: 96.6 kg/s




Reverse flow type

10 can combustors

Slot cooling




(General specification)

Make: Siemens(Germany)

Year: 2011

Type: Synchronous

Machine code: SGEN5-100A-2P

Serial number: 12010945

Rated power: 37778kVA

Rated current: 1897A

RPM: 3000



HZ: 50hz


Phase Sequence: U1,V1,W1

Direction of rotation: CCW

Type of Excitation: Self Excitation

Power factor: 0.90

Exc. Volts: 96V

Exc. Amps: 897A


Price and other details will follow on request 


Best regards

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INSOL Limited


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Seongnam city, Kyonggido

13581, Korea 



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8.10.2018 07:07:08 Pakistan

Dear Sir

I saw your advertisement for Sale of Hitachi H25 Gas Turbine on Reply

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