Subject: M200 DN80~200(3-8Inch) Portable Gate Valve Grinding Machine

Date: 12/14/2022 12:06:49 PM

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M200 DN80~200(3-8Inch) Portable Gate Valve Grinding Machine

Applicstion:Gate Valve Seat,Gate Valve Core.

Grinding scope: DN80~200(3"-8")

Motor power: 1100W

Rated Voltages: 220V

Min distance of valve seal face: B>45mm

Allowed adjustable length: L?600mm

Operating weight: 20kg



Model M-200 portable valve grinder is widely used in the industries such power generation, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and paper making as a high-tech product with national patent. It has the following characteristics: 

  Light, compact, and easy to carry

 Split-type assembly makes installation easy and fast

 Available in various field work

Applicable in grinding gate, check valves and flanges made of various materials

Grinding automatically after the installation is adjusted well

 Reasonable structure design, perfect Metabo motor and high-quality imported grinding materials contribute to the grinding 3-10 times as fast as the manual one

Stepless and adjustable speed, stable power transmission and accurate lapping make the sealing face in complete contact.

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