Subject: MAK 6M20 engine spare parts available for sale

Date: 9.4.2018 09:52:23

Details: Reviews 1

Changshu Oceansail Shipping supply below diesel engine & spare parts which you maybe have interest:



Model:MAK 6M20

1.Cylinder Liner(2nd hand)-------------------------qty6pcs

2.Cylinder Cover Complete(2nd hand)---------qty6pcs

3.Piston(2nd hand)-----------------------------------qty6pcs

4.Con.Rod(2nd hand)-------------------------------qty2pcs

5.Fuel Injection Pump(Genuine new)-----------qty4pcs

6.Fuel Injection Pump(2nd hand)----------------qty6pcs

7.Fuel Injection Valve(2nd hand)-----------------qty6pcs

8.Valve Tappet(2nd hand)-------------------------qty6pcs

9.Fuel Pump Tappet(2nd hand)------------------qty6pcs

10.Water Pump(2nd hand)-------------------------qty1pce

11.Lub Oil Pump(2nd hand)-----------------------qty1pce

12.Cam Shaft(2nd hand)---------------------------qty1pce

13.Crank Shaft(2nd hand)-------------------------qty2pcs

14.Turbocharger K54(2nd hand)-----------------qty1set

15.Governor UG8(2nd hand)----------------------qty1set

16.Lub Oil Cooler(2nd hand)----------------------qty1pce



We can give you very competitive price for above,if have interest,pls contact with us for more details.



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Ashraf Rana
24.7.2019 08:25:24 Pakistan

Dear Sir

Good Day

We will appreciate if you can quote us item wise cost of above listed parts of Mal6M20



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