MAN Diesel (HFO) 18V28/32 Containerized Generator Sets /Power Plant 4 MW /Medium Speed

Subject: MAN Diesel (HFO) 18V28/32 Containerized Generator Sets /Power Plant 4 MW /Medium Speed

Date: 4/13/2022 8:32:30 AM

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Currently, we have 6 units of  MAN 18V28/32S Generator Sets available for sale. 0 hour running new machines.

 MAN 18V28/32S is a well-proven medium-speed unit providing over 4 MW at ISO conditions. It is conservatively rated and offers exceptional reliability and operating economics

Parameter of the engine: 18V28/32S

Diameter of cylinders:280mm

Travel length of piston:320mm

Rating on terminal of alternator:3850kW

Rating on flywheel at 720/min:4050kW


Rated frequency:60HZ

Ambient air pressure:1000mbar

Rotate speed :720r/min

Number of cylinders:18

Maximum burst pressure:145bar

Mean effective pressure:19.0bar

Diesel fuel consumption rate:203+2%g/kWh(100%load)

Direction of rotation:clockwise

LUB Oil consumption:0.4~0.8g/kWh


dry weight:71000kg

What We Have in Stock:(Generator sets)

4 sets 12VP 185 Engines(can be used in Navy ship)

9 sets STX-MAN 18V 32/40 Gen.sets

4 sets DOOSAN- MAN 9L 21/31 Gen.sets

4 sets DOOSAN-MAN 6L 27/38 Gen. sets

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Whatsapp: +86 18813089573

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11/7/2023 5:16:29 AM China


let me update our HFO gensets in stock for your reference.

HFO/Diesel gen.sets for power plant:

•6 sets STX-MAN 18V 32/40 HFO Gen.sets  8640kw,60hz
•4 sets DOOSAN-MAN 6L 27/38 HFO Gen. sets 1900kw, 60hz

•6 sets MAN 9L 21/31, 1880KW, 50hz

•2 sets MAN 5L 21/31, 950KW, 50hz

They are all zero-hour running, unused from cancelled projects, stocked in very good conditions.

Should you have any new projects for it, please let me know.

3/19/2023 4:02:26 PM Egypt

9 sets STX-MAN 18V 32/40 Gen.sets, please send me details including the price. 

Ron Gryzik
2/15/2023 8:09:19 PM United States

These can be reprogrammed for LSFO #2 Diesel (correct?) 

Looking for 1 or maybe 2 units for a stationary application.


Daniel wong mendoza
12/9/2022 7:09:57 AM Mexico

Son las refacciones que solicita comision federal de electricidad para reparar el motor man diesel &turbo modelo 18V28/32S de 4 tiempos


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What is MAN Diesel (HFO) 18V28/32 Containerized Generator Sets ?

MAN Diesel (HFO) 18V28/32 Containerized Generator Sets is a type of power generation equipment that utilizes a MAN 18V28/32S diesel engine to drive an alternator and produce electricity.

The engine is a medium-speed unit with 18 cylinders, a cylinder diameter of 280mm, and a piston travel length of 320mm. It is rated to provide 3850kW of power at the generator's terminal and 4050kW at the flywheel, with a voltage of 4.16kV and a frequency of 60Hz. The engine is designed to operate at a rotational speed of 720r/min and has a dry weight of 71000kg.

This specific containerized generator set is designed to run on heavy fuel oil (HFO), which is a thick, viscous fuel that is often used in large marine engines and power plants. The generator set is contained within a shipping container, which provides easy transport and installation on site.

Overall, MAN Diesel (HFO) 18V28/32 Containerized Generator Sets is a high-capacity power generation solution that is well-suited for applications that require a reliable and efficient source of electricity, such as large-scale industrial facilities, data centers, and remote mining or drilling operations.


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