Subject: MAN L21/31

Date: 4.2.2021 14:45:06

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We have for sale 4 units, heavy oil MAN L21/31 marine generator sets. 2351.3 KVA, 50 HZ, 1000 RPM Contact :

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Andreea Racasan
6/8/2022 10:30:19 AM United Kingdom

Dear Andrea,

The MAN units were sold but maybe we can offer a different solution, if you are not set on MAN L21/31 gensets. 

Are you looking to switch to HFO? What plant do you currently have installed?

We can offer 3 years warranty, installing, commissioning and maintenance for our equipment. 

Let me know if you want to take this discussion further. 

Best regards,

Andreea Racasan

Strong Diesel ltd



Andrea Ambroggio
4/22/2022 6:57:17 PM Italy



I'm Andrea Ambroggio from SER Wax' technical department.

We are exploring the possibility of installing a liquid fuel (HFO) generator in our plant in Santena (TO), currently the plant's electrical consumption oscillates between a base load of 1 MWh with peak consumption of 2 MWh. I identified the MAN 9L21/31s engine as a possible solution. 


Could I would like to have more information regarding your 4 units:
How many cylinders do they have? (9?)
How many working hours have they been subject to? If not known, what is the construction year?What type of maintenance program did they receive?
Do you offer any guarantee on the purchase?
What is the asking price?


Best regards,





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