Subject: MAN-HYUNDAI B&W 23/30

Date: 4/12/2023 10:56:40 AM

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Inlet Valve 30801-17H/4262
Outlet Valve 30801-17H/5518
Valve seat ring exhaust. 30601-22E/4442
Valve seat ring inlet. 30601-22E/4445
Valve guide 50501-01H/218

GENUINE more than 1000 pcs

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What is MAN-HYUNDAI B&W 23/30 Diesel Engine ?

The MAN-Hyundai B&W 23/30 diesel engine is a medium-speed, four-stroke marine diesel engine designed and manufactured by MAN Energy Solutions and Hyundai Heavy Industries. This engine is designed for use in various types of vessels, including cargo ships, container vessels, and other marine applications. The "23/30" in its name refers to the engine's bore and stroke measurements: 23 cm bore (cylinder diameter) and 30 cm stroke (piston travel distance).

MAN-Hyundai B&W 23/30 diesel engines are known for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and compliance with strict emission regulations. They are built to operate under demanding maritime conditions and can be used with different types of fuels, such as heavy fuel oil (HFO), marine diesel oil (MDO), and marine gas oil (MGO).

Key features of the MAN-Hyundai B&W 23/30 diesel engine include:

  1. High efficiency: The engine's design provides optimized combustion and reduced fuel consumption, resulting in lower operating costs.

  2. Robust construction: The engine components are built to withstand harsh marine environments and to ensure long service life and low maintenance requirements.

  3. Flexibility: The 23/30 engine is available in different configurations, such as inline or V-type arrangements, with varying numbers of cylinders to suit specific power requirements and vessel designs.

  4. Compliance with emission regulations: The engine meets the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier II and Tier III emission standards, ensuring reduced emissions and environmental impact.

  5. Ease of maintenance: The engine's design allows for easy access to its components, simplifying maintenance tasks and reducing downtime.

Overall, the MAN-Hyundai B&W 23/30 diesel engine is a reliable and efficient choice for various marine applications, providing dependable performance and low operating costs.


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