Subject: Marine BM2 Cycloid Hydraulic Motor For Sale

Date: 3/26/2024 8:27:48 AM

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Zava Marine Corporation designs and constructs vessels for the maritime industry, including deck equipment, offshore drilling gear, and lifeboats, ensuring reliable operations.

The BM2 motor is a robust hydraulic motor that demonstrates impressive specifications and performance capabilities. Boasting a rating of 15.8 GPM, 475 RPM, 2030 PSI, and 2210 LBS-IN, with a displacement of 125 CC, it delivers exceptional power and efficiency. The motor features a 1-1/4? tapered shaft, SAE-10 port size, and an in-line port configuration, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with diverse hydraulic systems.

Designed as a medium-volume spool valve-type hydraulic motor, the BM2 series offers versatility for a wide range of applications. Its optional side load-bearing design further enhances its adaptability and functionality. The motor is compatible with both H series Eaton and S series Danfoss ports, providing flexibility in selection to meet specific system requirements.

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