Methanol-Fuelled MAN 21/31DF-M GenSet Secures First Propulsion Order


Methanol-Fuelled MAN 21/31DF-M GenSet Secures First Propulsion Order

Methanol-Fuelled MAN 21/31DF-M GenSet Secures First Propulsion Order

Breakthrough order of 3 × MAN 21/31DF-M units for chemical tanker propulsion

MAN Energy Solutions has received an order for 3 × MAN 6L21/31DF-M (Dual Fuel-Methanol) GenSets capable of running on methanol in connection with the construction of a 7,990 dwt IMO Type II chemical bunker tanker.

The dual-fuel engines will form part of a diesel-electric propulsion system on board the vessel with electrical motors driving twin fixed-pitch propellers via gearboxes; an onboard battery-storage system will optimise the use of the dual-fuelled generators. MAN Energy Solutions’ licensee, CMP – an engine-manufacturing division of Chinese State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) – will build the engines in China and the vessel is scheduled for delivery during Q4, 2025.

The newbuild will operate at the port of Singapore under charter to deliver marine fuels. The port itself is reported as laying plans for the steady supply of methanol from 2025 onwards in order to meet future, anticipated bunkering requirements for methanol-fuelled vessels. 

Bjarne Foldager – Country Manager, Denmark – MAN Energy Solutions, said: “Seeing our trusted MAN L21/31 GenSets go into these ships as a methanol-fuelled version shows that maritime decarbonisation is a prominent consideration for shipowners in all vessel segments and sizes. It also clearly illustrates, regardless of the market one serves as shipowner, that our broad, dual-fuel portfolio enables everyone to take part in the green transition.”

Thomas S. Hansen – Head of Sales and Promotion – MAN Energy Solutions, said: “The MAN L21/31 engine is well-established in the market having racked up some 2,750 sales. The reliability of its cost-effective, port fuel-injection concept now prominently positions the 21/31DF-M as the preferred, medium-speed, small-bore engine for GenSet and diesel-electric propulsion solutions, while also meeting market demands to balance both CAPEX and OPEX. With the shipping market currently experiencing an increased interest in methanol as marine fuel, and orders for methanol-fuelled ships steadily growing as part of many companies’ decarbonisation strategy, we feel that the introduction of this dual-fuel engine is timely.”

Methanol-Fuelled MAN 21/31DF-M GenSet Secures First Propulsion OrderMethanol-Fuelled MAN 21/31DF-M GenSet Secures First Propulsion Order


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What is Methanol-Fuelled MAN 21/31DF-M GenSet ?

The Methanol-Fuelled MAN 21/31DF-M GenSet is a power generation system developed by MAN Energy Solutions. It is designed to operate using methanol as its primary fuel source.

Here's a breakdown of its key components and features:

  1. Engine: The GenSet is equipped with a MAN 21/31DF-M engine, which is optimized to run on methanol. This engine is designed to provide efficient and reliable power generation.

  2. Fuel System: The GenSet includes a specialized fuel system that allows for the efficient delivery and combustion of methanol. This system ensures proper mixing of methanol with air for combustion within the engine.

  3. Generator: The GenSet incorporates a generator unit capable of converting the mechanical energy produced by the engine into electrical energy. This electricity can then be utilized for various applications.

  4. Control System: An advanced control system is integrated into the GenSet to monitor and regulate its operation. This system ensures optimal performance, efficiency, and safety during the generation process.

  5. Environmental Benefits: Methanol is considered a cleaner alternative fuel compared to traditional fossil fuels like diesel. It produces fewer emissions of pollutants such as sulfur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter. Therefore, the use of methanol in power generation can contribute to reducing environmental impact.

Overall, the Methanol-Fuelled MAN 21/31DF-M GenSet represents a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for power generation, particularly in applications where methanol is readily available or preferred as a fuel source.


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