Subject: MR2 Tanker Firm Purchase Enquiry

Date: 2/20/2023 1:37:02 PM

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Good Day

Hope you are doing well.

Kindly note we have a Firm Buyer for a MR2 Tanker with following specs:

Vessel Type: MR2 Tankers

Built: 2004-2006

Class: IACS

Survey: Prefer DD/SS passed

Yard: Prefer JPN or KR

Delivery: Vessel with Prompt or within March delivery only workable


Kindly propose a suitable vessel. P&C candidates will be treated as such.


Thanks and Best regards

Anushil Jay

SNP Manager

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What is MR2 Tanker ?

An MR2 tanker is a specific type of tanker ship that is commonly used to transport refined petroleum products. It is one of several categories of medium range (MR) tankers, which are generally smaller than larger crude oil tankers but larger than smaller product tankers.

MR2 tankers have a deadweight tonnage (DWT) of between 50,000 and 75,000, and they are typically around 183 meters (600 feet) in length. They are designed to carry a variety of refined petroleum products, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other similar products.

These tankers are used to transport these products from refineries to distribution centers and ports around the world. They are often used for shorter trips that do not require the large storage capacity of larger tankers, but still require a significant amount of product to be transported.

What is Class: IACS ?

Class IACS refers to the classification of a ship or marine vessel by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). The IACS is a non-governmental organization that sets standards for the design, construction, and maintenance of ships, and is made up of 12 member societies from around the world.

When a ship is built, it is inspected and evaluated by a classification society to ensure that it meets certain standards of safety, environmental protection, and quality. If the ship meets these standards, it is granted a classification by the society. The IACS is one of the largest and most influential of these classification societies, and is widely recognized as a leading authority on maritime safety and quality.

Ships that are classified by the IACS are typically built to high standards of quality and safety, and are able to operate in a wide range of conditions and environments. This can include everything from small pleasure craft to large commercial vessels like container ships, tankers, and cruise liners.


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