Subject: MTU 16v 2000 M93 2pcs

Date: 10/15/2022 8:22:12 AM

Details: Reviews 1


We are planning to replace 2 pcs mtu 16v 2000 m93 1790 kW propusion system including gearboxes, exhaust,  propulsion, rudder, controls etc. Complete set including everything.

Only 2800hrs

Can be tested onboard the vessel.

Price not set.  Please feel free to make an offer.

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Contact Name:Trond Engvik
Company Name:Blanco as
Mobile Phone:±47 93465855

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Mukesh Solanki
11/23/2022 8:10:46 PM India

Please send few fotos of engines and auxiliaries with the nameplates

whatsapp +91 9819823658


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