MV.JIN HAI HUA --45K Open Batangsa.Phili --16-19th/March 2023

Subject: MV.JIN HAI HUA --45K Open Batangsa.Phili --16-19th/March 2023

Date: 3/13/2023 12:13:08 PM

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Good day to all !


Pls kindly provide firm cgos fr flwg our  period tonnages/msgs  :

MV.JIN HAI HUA --45K Open Batangsa.Phili --16-19th/March 2023


BOD abt 390mt IFO and 68mt MGO 




IMO No.:9591026  Call sign: BVLI
Flag: PRC / Class: CCS 
Port of Registry: fUZHOU
LOA?189.99m  LBP?185m  Breadth: 32.26m  Depth: 15.50m
Max Height above Keel: 43.98M
Summer DWT:44745.4mt Draft:10.50m TPC?57.43 (T/cm)
Grain Capacity: 60276.1CBM
Light Ship: 10586.8MT
Number of Hatch & Hold: 5/5
Gross Tonnage / Net Toage: 29255/14597  Panama Tonnage:24294
Main Engine: MAN B&W 6S46MC-C8 M/E Power: 8280Kw
Auxiliary Engine: MAN B&W 5L23/30H, Output: 630kw  900rpm
Gear And Grab: 4x30Mt electro-Hydraulic Single deck crane and 4x12cbm Grabs
Hatch Cover Type: TTS Trans-folding hatch covers
Speed/Cons asf:

AT SEA(BALLAST) ABT23.5T / ABT0.1T .         

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What is MV.JIN HAI HUA --45K Open Batangsa.Phili ?

MV.JIN HAI HUA --45K Open Batangsa.Phili is the name of a cargo ship that is scheduled to arrive at Batangas in the Philippines on March 16-19, 2023.

The ship has a deadweight (DWT) capacity of about 39,000 metric tons and requires about 390 metric tons of IFO (Intermediate Fuel Oil) and 68 metric tons of MGO (Marine Gas Oil) for its operation.

MV JIN HAI HUA is a bulk carrier vessel that was built in 2012 and is registered under the flag of the People's Republic of China. It has a length overall (LOA) of 189.99 meters, a beam of 32.26 meters, and a depth of 15.50 meters. Its maximum height above the keel is 43.98 meters.

The vessel is equipped with a MAN B&W 6S46MC-C8 main engine that can generate up to 8280 kW of power. It also has four 30-metric ton electro-hydraulic single deck cranes and four 12-cubic meter grabs.

The ship's speed when fully loaded (laden) is approximately 12 knots, while its speed when empty (ballast) is about 12.5 knots. Its fuel consumption at sea is around 24 metric tons of IFO and 0.1 metric tons of MGO per day when loaded, and around 23.5 metric tons of IFO and 0.1 metric tons of MGO per day when empty.


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