Subject: MWM or Jenbacher gas gensets 1-2 MW

Date: 9.8.2017 14:18:42

Details: Reviews 9

Dear Industrial Marine Power Users,

our company is looking for used natural gas powered gensets (preferably containerized). The unit should meet following criterias:

  1. Jenbacher or MWM / Deutz high efficiency units
  2. Minimum 600 kWel (max. 2,5 MWel), preferably 1 or 2 MW
  3. Year of Commissioning: 1st January 2012 – 30th June 2014
  4. Operational hours are unimportant (no zero hour units without any commissioning)
  5. Operation preferably only on natural gas
  6. Commissioning only in Europe (preferably in the EU)


Please send me a list about your gensets in stock, so that we can discuss about our possible future cooperation. If you have any questions, pleas feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

M. Fuchs

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27.6.2019 17:54:45 United States

please contact us so we can discuss 

25.6.2019 09:37:29 United States

we have the product available please reply or call (410)989-5647 Email  Reply

18.11.2017 19:25:50 Bangladesh

Good day all. This is NAJIB IKBAL from PRIDE BANGLADESH SHIP AND FACTORY WORKS, chittagong Bangladesh. I have several new and used GAS GENERATORS with reasonable price. 500 to 3000 kw 0.5 to 3 MW Interested buyers can contact with me. +8801881212987

Alagu Bhaskar
9.10.2017 23:59:49 India

Dear Sir,

We offer all makes of Gas gensets.

Please contact

Alagu Bhaskar


Austin Collier
1.9.2017 17:27:35 United States


We can offer you 2010 416 Jenbacher with 0 hours.

Engine model: J416GS-B 125, Fuel type Natural gas

Year: 2010

KW: 1,161


The genset is located in Belgium ready to be exported. Please let me know if you are interested I can send complete details, pics and price. 

best regards,

Austin Collier 

1 (989) 313 0899




1.9.2017 13:03:48 Spain

Dear Sir,


Unused stock I have these:-


15 x Model: G3516C

Age: 2015

Hours: 0

Capacity: 1.5 MW each

Voltage: 400

HZ: 50

Scope of Supply: Complete containerised gensets with internal radiators.

speed [RPM]: 1500; 

Frequency [Hz]: 50; 

Enclosure: 40" HC Container


Equipment: Gas Engine CAT G3516C, Cat-Alternator SR4B 400V, Radiator, Silencer, Gas Train(Filter, Shut-Off Valve, Regulator), Control Panel EMCP 4.2, Deif Controller, Sound attenuated 72 dB(A) @ 15 m (40 ft)

Yuriy V
20.8.2017 16:38:44 Russian Federation

Please can you consider for your purposes the following gensets currently located in Russia?

PSM RUSOFFER-027 1.063MWe GE JENBACHER JGC320GS(C21) Used Pre-owned Coalbed methane or Natural gas Power Plant [1445 kVAx1] 2010y 50Hz 400V 1500rpm 40.1%EE Containerized Installed with auxiliaries Dismantling-Relocation required Running 18400 hours since new PSM EXW Russia

or these 5 units which were commisioned in Europe, but imported into Russia

RUSOFFER-029 5.868MWe DEUTZ TBG620V16K Used Gensets [1325 kVAx3 1680kVax2 ] Natural gas 1995y 400V 50Hz 1500rpm Installed with accessories Running 40600 hours since new Dismantling required Sale EXW Russia



M. Fuchs
18.8.2017 10:58:41 Germany

Dear Mr. Jeffery,

thank you for your offer. I am sorry, but the CHPs do not meet our requirements, but please contact me, if anytime you will have CHPs on stock. Our demand is continous in the next two years, the criterias will be the same.

yours sincerely,

M. Fuchs

Paul Jeffery
17.8.2017 01:21:52 United Kingdom


We cannot match the manufacturing dates you specify but we can offer 2 x Jenbacher1060 kw J320 machines from 2006, 24,000 hours, still installed and ready to be load tested. GB£ 140,000 each for complete CHP installation.Also have 1 x J620, 2008, 16000 hours CHP @ GB£ 485,000

Please email if of interest.


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