Subject: Natural Gas generator

Date: 10/17/2021 6:57:44 PM

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Dear Sir;

We intend to invest on generate electricity up to 25MW and connect it to national electricity network.

The system power should be 50h .

Our fuel is natural gas and The priority is to generate electricity, not heat or cool system.

By the way the plant is CHP with continuous generator in line with several modular systems up to 25MW or less and your best suggestions.

The CHP system should be in low hours operation.

Please send your F.O.B. price, detail and information by email.

whatsapp: +989121229745


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Ihab Al-Sibahi
11/30/2021 1:16:14 PM United Kingdom

We have GE 70 Megawatt Gas Turbine for sale. It is a barely used power plant gas turbine from Eastern Europe, 70 MW (max. Output limit 90 MW) gas turbine with housing, compressor, combustion chambers, turbine, fittings and sensors inside the acoustic enclosure; ideal for both, simple cycle and combined cycle power plants



Mandy Xu
10/29/2021 6:33:09 AM Germany

Dear Sir,

This is Mandy from BFMP China. you may be interested in our product. 

BFMP Chinese professional one-stop integrated supplier of marine and offshore equipment& spare parts for over 30 years to save you time, energy and money.

We have rich experience in power plant EPC and can provide professional suggestions and technical support.

We are good at:

  • Marine spare parts and material supply(Both genuine&high quality replacement)
  • New ship building equipment package supply and for ship modification
  • Diesel engine components and other marine equipment parts supply
  • Power plant equipment supply(EPC)
  • Offshore oil equipment supply and service


What We Have in Stock:(Generator sets)

  • 4 sets 12VP 185 Engines(can be used in Navy ship)
  • 9 sets STX-MAN 18V 32/40 Gen.sets
  • 4 sets DOOSAN- MAN 9L 21/31 Gen.sets
  • 4 sets DOOSAN-MAN 6L 27/38 Gen. sets

We can also offer engine parts both genuine and high-quality replacement. If you have any need, please don't hesitate to contact me with details.



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