Subject: Need Barge 4300 DWT

Date: 4/26/2023 1:17:56 PM

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Need asap Barge used no more than 8 years. 4300 DWT or higher. Good condition for Manila. 

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What is Barge  4300 DWT ?

A barge with 4,300 DWT (Deadweight Tonnage) is a flat-bottomed vessel designed to transport goods and materials on rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. The term "4,300 DWT" indicates the maximum weight of cargo, crew, fuel, and supplies the barge can safely carry when fully loaded, which is 4,300 deadweight tons.

Barges are typically not self-propelled, meaning they require assistance from tugboats or towboats to move from one location to another. They are widely used for transporting various types of cargo, such as dry bulk materials (e.g., grain, coal, sand, and gravel), liquid cargo (e.g., chemicals and petroleum products), and even large equipment and oversized cargo (e.g., construction machinery, modules for offshore platforms).

The specific dimensions, cargo capacity, and configuration of a 4,300 DWT barge can vary depending on its design and intended use. However, generally, a barge of this size is likely to have the following characteristics:

  • Length: Typically between 60 and 80 meters
  • Beam (width): Usually around 15 to 20 meters
  • Draft: The depth to which the barge is submerged when fully loaded, typically around 3 to 4 meters

A 4,300 DWT barge can be a versatile and cost-effective solution for transporting goods and materials in areas with waterway access, as it can navigate shallow waters and narrow channels that are not accessible to larger ships.

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