Subject: need spare parts for LO harbor pump/cooling pump etc

Date: 8/6/2022 11:51:13 AM

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we need spares parts as following


  1. ME Cylinder Unit N1-Nozzle element
  2. AE N1 Double LO filter-engine Oil filter element (D2840LE301)?E251HD11 Drw no.:05-5002
  3. AE N1 Fine FO Filter-Fuel Filter insert 51.12504 0004
  4. AE N1 Turbocharger (type: TPL 77-A30)(maker:ABB)-air cleaner assembly 51.-08401-6012(D2840LE301 Drw no:08-????????1508
  5. ME LO harbor pump—repair kt (L3NG-140/140)
  6. ME SW cooling pump N1(maker:iron Pump)
  7. ME FW cooling pump N1(maker:iron Pump A/S)
  8. ME FW cooling pump N1 (maker: Heinrich Behrens pumenfabric GmbH+Co)
  9. Spare parts fpr FWG Ejector pump
  10. Cover (repair kit coolant pump-D2840LE drw:06-0507)
  11. Provision ref compressor type-VY,BITZER, Q=12,7-28,6 m3/h,310-700min-1 drw no:62006021-403 Pos:01
  12. AE N1 FW System Thermostat :V-belt, 2 groover, 2-3VX 1010-optibelt (parts for PULLER) drw no:06-8045
  13. V-belt, 2 groover, 2-3VX 1270-optibelt (parts for PULLER) drw no:06-8030
  14. Hatch Cover Hydraulic Unit-AXIAL PISTON PUMP, F1-51 Drw no:247-1/01/500 Pos:1,sheet2

PISTON OPERATED CHECK VALVE, CKEB-XCN Drw no:247-1/01/500 Pos:19 ,sheet2

  1. Ai?conditioning plant (maker: Heining & Hopman Engineering B.V.

1)-Oil pressure Gauge,(0-12,5)bar air condition plant drw no :freon Diagram, 62006021-400 pos:21

2)-Coil for capacity control, 230 V,50-60 Hz (Air Cond.Plant) drw no:62006021-400, Freon Diagram Pos:35

16-Main Air Compressor No1 (type: WP 65 L-100) (maker: J.P..Sauer & Sohn)

(need spareparts)

  1. ME 6M43C drw no:Catologue B1.05.01.432107FF
  2. Wartsila Z 40/48 V12
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