Subject: never used 81mw GE PG6111 gas turbine set (50hz) for sale

Date: 20.9.2018 00:06:42

Details: Reviews 4


Dear Sirs
We have following 81 MW gas turbine set for sale
Unused 81MW Gas Turbine Power Plant

Turbine and Generator make: GE

Manufacturing year: 2011

Type:Simple cycle type



(Gas turbine Specification)

Make: GE

Manufacturing year: 2011

Model: PG6111

Output: 81000KW

Inlet pressure: 1.47MPa

Exaust pressure: 12.25kPa

The number of compressing stages:1 8

The number of turbine stages: 3 stages

Design ambient temperature: 50 ℃

Inlet temperature:1 431 ℃

Exaust temperature: 589 ℃

Turbine speed: 5231 rpm

Heat rate(Btu/kWh): 9760

Heat rate:(kJ/kWh); 10300

Pressure ratio: 15.6:1

Mass flow(kg/sec): 203

Efficiency: 35%


(Gas compressor)


Manufacturing year:2011





(Generator specification)

Make: GE

Manufacturing year: 2011

Voltage: 11000V

Electric output rate: 77000KW

Frequency: 50HZ

Speed: 3000rpm

Maximum ambient temperature: 40 ℃

Minimum ambient temperature: -1 ℃

Maxiumun cooling temperature: 51 ℃

Field winding insulation class:F

Stator winding insulation class:F

Maxium cold air temperature:40

Inlet water 37

Stator mass:approximately 79ton

Rotor mass:approximately 28ton

Rotor complete mass:approximately 145ton

Cooling type:Air cooled


Details including photos and price will be available on request


Please advise your interest


Best regards

Woon H Jee










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Artem Perepelitsa
7/22/2022 11:50:06 AM Ukraine

Hi Mr Woon H Jee.

According to your offer on Unused 81MW Gas Turbine Power Plant GE PG6111

If the offer is still valid, please send me prices, photos, technical parameters and other important information.

Best regards, Artem

Khalid Osman
16.12.2020 15:45:05 United Arab Emirates

Dear Sirs, 

I would like to know more about your 81MW Gas turbine plane. 

You are kindly requested to advise: 

- Brief history and why it has not been used?

- Plant layout

- Is it currently installed or dismantled?

- Current Location and inspection arrangements

- Packing List

- Price

Best Regards,

Khalid A Osman

Saxon Energy Fze
Hamriyah Free Zone
P O Box 41627, Sharjah
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 6 5616789
Fax: +971 6 526 4315
Mobile: +971 50 9919532


Amjad Musallam
18.11.2020 14:30:23 United Arab Emirates

Dear Sir,


is this Gas Turbine power plant still available, and what are the value . please send me full details 



Amjad Musallam 

Bashar Ahmed
25.9.2019 15:40:10 Iraq

Dear Sir


good Greeting


Turbine and Generator make: GE

Manufacturing year: 2011

Type:Simple cycle type


Model: PG6111

Output: 81000KW


Can send me offer for it

ist work just with Gas or get in work with Diesel Too?


As i read they all unused?

ist all in Asia now?


Please send me the offer with more Pictures /details/best Price


Best Regards


Tel/whatsaap 00491705839221


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