Subject: New and Used Heat Exchangers, Azcue BT - LV90T Pumps

Date: 10/1/2021 2:25:39 PM

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Dear Sir / Madam,

As KOÇALİ SHIP REPAIR, We have been operating in the maritime industry since 1960 with 61 years of experience. We provide quality and reliable service to our customers for 3 generations.

Our Products in Stock:
- Newly manufactured and second hand Heat Exchangers,

Our products and services are as shown below;
- Boiler Maintenance and Repair,
- Boiler Tube Renewal,
- Heat Exchanger Manufacture (Coolers, Condensers, Heaters)
- Heat Exchanger Repair and Maintenance,
- Safety Valve, Valve etc Maintenance,

Best Regards,

Mustafa E. KOÇALİ
Mechanical Engineer

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Contact Name:Mustafa E. KOÇALİ
Mobile Phone:+90 539 202 52 88

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