Date: 3/24/2023 9:39:32 AM

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We have new/unused Certified NIIGATA STANDARD 12V22AX CRANKSHAFT in our UAE stock for sale.


Make: Niigata Power Systems Co Ltd

Model: 12V22AX

Part: Crankshaft

Material: KSF-A50

Year: 2013


Kindly contact us for pictures and more details.


Best Regards,

Mr. Akshay Pillai

BD Department, Manager

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What is NIIGATA STANDARD 12V22AX Diesel Engine ?

The NIIGATA STANDARD 12V22AX is a diesel engine manufactured by Niigata Power Systems Co., Ltd. It is a 12-cylinder engine with a displacement of 22 liters and is designed for use in various industrial applications, including power generation, marine propulsion, and locomotives.

The 12V22AX engine features a compact and robust design with high fuel efficiency and low emissions. It has a maximum output of up to 3,000 horsepower and can operate at speeds ranging from 720 to 1,000 rpm.

The engine also has various advanced features, including a turbocharger and an intercooler, to enhance its performance and efficiency. Additionally, it has undergone rigorous testing and quality control to ensure its reliability and durability.

Overall, the NIIGATA STANDARD 12V22AX diesel engine is a high-performance and reliable option for various industrial applications.

What is NIIGATA STANDARD 12V22AX Diesel Engine Crankshaft ?

The crankshaft of the NIIGATA STANDARD 12V22AX diesel engine is a critical component that converts the reciprocating motion of the engine's pistons into rotational motion, which drives the engine's power output. The crankshaft is located in the engine block and is connected to the pistons through connecting rods.

The 12V22AX engine's crankshaft is designed to be strong and durable to withstand the high stresses and loads generated during engine operation. It is made of high-strength materials, such as forged steel, and undergoes various heat treatment processes to improve its strength and hardness.

The crankshaft features several main journals and connecting rod journals, which are precision-machined to strict tolerances to ensure smooth and efficient engine operation. It also includes counterweights that help balance the rotating assembly and reduce engine vibration.

Overall, the crankshaft of the NIIGATA STANDARD 12V22AX diesel engine is a critical component that plays a crucial role in the engine's performance, reliability, and durability.

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